For Love Alone

Are women still becoming religious sisters? Here is an amazing video showing that woman today are still being call for love alone and live as religious sisters.

For Love Alone

For Love Alone

Here is a trailer on Youtube

The Story of Women Religious: Giving their lives, for love of Him

Are women still becoming religious sisters? Is there anyone responding to the call? Are 21st Century women still interested in pursuing a radical Gospel life in the Church? What contribution does a religious sister make in the world?

For Love Alone opens its audience to the lives of modern women who have responded to a personal call to follow Jesus Christ with the gift of their own lives. This inspiring journey showcases the stories of sisters from multiple communities from their first hearing of the call to their daily lives now—praying, accompanying the poor, tending the sick, comforting the elderly, teaching the young, and protecting the most vulnerable. From the creators of Fishers of Men, this film reveals the joys discovered by women who live For Love Alone.

CMSWR is pleased to offer the film for purchase through our many partners including Vianney VocationsIgnatius Press, and AmazonFor Love Alone is also available for digital download through iTunes and Google Play.


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