Love Endures All Things (C19O4)

St. Paul tells us beautiful words today in the second reading about LOVE, but what does it mean to us?

Love Endures All Things (C19O4)

We use the word love in many different ways. I love Oreos, I love the Packers, I love Mom or Dad, and I love God. All these uses of love are not the same thing. When we say God is Love we don’t mean it in the way that we love Oreos. Scripture tells us what God’s love is like and sometimes it is gentle and merciful and other times it disciplines and purifies. “The Lord disciplines the one He loves, chastises every son He receives” (Hebrews 12:6); “A father corrects a son he loves” (Proverbs 3:12).

God wanted to us to concretely know his love so the second person of the Trinity freely became human and freely laid down his life, because “There is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend” (John 15:13).

The love of a marriage is not determined by the amount of butterflies and emotions that take place at the wedding, but is proven, purified, and perfected in freedom and choice everyday of 10,000 papercuts.

Love of God is not proven by how excited or emotional you are to pray, but when you go to pray that you do. There are times of dryness and desolation in prayer. Those are not bad prayer times, but times that God gives you to freely choose him in love. May we not reason as children, but reason as adults who can see that eating ice cream for every meal and always getting what we want is not good for us.

We are called to not live comfortable lives, but lives of the love of God which endure and bear all things. We often fail, and so we are grateful that God’s love and mercy endure even when ours doesn’t and so we come once again to the altar of his sacrifice, grace, and mercy to be filled with his divine love to love God and neighbor. 2/3/19

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