Let Your Blindness Make God’s Work Visible (4LA-18)

Bad things happen to good people. Why? So that God can work a great good an allow his work to be made visible.

Let Your Blindness Make God’s Work Visible (4LA-18)

We sometimes think when bad things happen to us it is because of sin. Sometime, but not all the time. Sometimes, God wants to allow His work to be made manifest. Blessed Chiara Badano is one modern day youth that did just this, suffering with bone cancer and allowing God’s light to shine through her sufferings. She was asked “The light in your eyes is splendid. Where does it come from?” Chiara simply replied, “I try to love Jesus as much as I can.” May we love Jesus as much as Blessed Chiara as we practice this Lent and unite everything to the cross of Jesus through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 3/11/18

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